Cheryl's ensuite was leaking and due for an update. My commission was to modernise the room and give it a more spacious feel while keeping costs down.

The ensuite was stripped and waterproofed. Costs were trimmed by repairing the plumbing but keeping it in place. Floor to ceiling tiling, a wall mounted vanity and frameless shower screen gave an impression of greater space. This is the client’s description of the completed project.

Susan added so much more value as a designer than just the overall design of my new ensuite.

She helped in choosing fixtures and fittings that allowed the maximum use of space. She checked the builder's quotes and highlighted points that required clarification. Consequently there was no confusion with respect to what was required of the builders and my own expectations, ensuring the project progressed smoothly. Susan’s attention to detail along with her understanding of my needs were exceptional.

Her suggestions, such as, mirrored shaving cabinets for extra storage, a magnifying mirror for make up application, adequate shelving for toiletries, and lighting modifications to brighten the room ensured that I now love spending time in my ensuite!

Thank you Susan!

- Cheryl