Backpackers had made their mark on this once stately terrace. The time had come for an update - the dwelling would no longer be a haven for travellers.

Rot had made the floors, ceilings, stairs and balconies unsafe. The staircase was restored to its original character and its decorative timberwork was once more a highlight. Balconies enclosed by unbecoming windows were opened to reveal the gracious original fa├žade. Walls made unsightly by crumbling render were replastered. Floors were repaired where possible or replaced and the collapsing ceilings also replaced.

At the rear of the ground floor, a new kitchen, laundry and bathroom were built. The floors of these rooms were given impact by the laying of oversized tiles. The orientation of the kitchen was changed to open onto the courtyard through expansive glazed doors. Living areas were treated to new oak timber floorboards. The poky mid level bathroom was enlarged by taking space from an adjoining bedroom robe and a new bathroom was placed for convenience between the two bedrooms on the upper floor.

The update returned the home to its former gracious character and provided more enjoyable and practical living for its occupants.